Twrwania is a location in Impeccable* and a reference made by a particular person in Strife Trigger.

It has no resamblance to any real life location.

Appears in-

Strife Trigger- There is a hidden map in the beta that consists of a giant tower with security cameras that the user cannot escape. There are messages in blue boxes that were made by Twrmois and mainly include the description of the map. Update 6 removed certain messages and the one easter egg on the map. If started in a Multiplayer game, it will start as a Free For All map.

Impeccable- Is a entire planet that has low lifeforms and plenty of resources. Unfornately, there is no proper air flow so normal humans can die easily. Since all of the characters in the anime are not 100% human, this does not effect them.

  • Impeccable is a online readable story, and is a upcoming short anime movie on Thanksgiving, made by Twrmois.