"It's Balanced. Nothing too difficult or easy, just right for you, maybe, most of the time."

-Explanation of Ranked.

A ranked match refers to the competitive counterpart of Public, Lobby, and Direct IP matches of Arena Fighters. Ranked is played in Seasons, each lasting about three months. The first season is split in two and lasts half a month (Preseason 1/2, 2/2). This will start about two months after the Online Lobbies update scheduled to release sometime in September.


To play Ranked, you need to be using the latest client of Arena Fighters that can be downloaded from Game Jolt. You also need a somewhat high speed internet connection. The first time you play Ranked, you will be inserted somewhere in the middle percentile of all players, and this will go up or down based on how you play. In Preseason, your rank is completely hidden for the first half, and shown in the second half. It is recommended that you have a large knowledge of character tactics before going into Ranked.

Solo, Teams, and 2v2

In Solo Ranked, its you against a equally skilled opponent. This adjusts if you are on a win streak of 5 or higher, or a loss streak of 4 or higher.

In Teams, your team's skill level is determined by everyone on the team. When playing a Team vs Team game, if you win your first match OR get two consecutive wins in a row, teams afterward will be the equivalent skill level of the HIGHEST skilled player of your team until you lose a match.

In 2v2, its you and your teammate against two equally skilled opponents. This adjusts if you are on a win streak of 3 or higher, or a loss streak of 2 or higher. Opponents are based on the skill level of the highest ranked player if the duo is unbalanced.