Morado is a Single Player/Multiplayer FPS in development by TwrWare based on the Source Engine. It requires Steam to play. It has been in development since 2013, and releases Summer 2015. (Reevaulated release date to work on higher-priority TwrWare titles.)

Warning: The game contains plenty of easter eggs that can trope content from other TwrWare titles, potentionally spoiling things about them if the user hasn't played yet. The Developer Commentary option can be toggled on to receive voice talk based on what inspired the creator (twrmy) to make what you are looking at or nearby, and also gives backstory on the current cutscene you may be looking at at the time. This also effects Multiplayer Play, which can be useful if you are curious on why and how a map was designed the way it was.

The Backstory


The Gameplay

Morado is mainly a game that consists of completing a few simple objectives, but mainly killing all enemies in sight and reaching checkpoints/the end of the level. It is not made to be overcomplicated with quick-time events or extended unnecessary cutscenes. Likewise, the graphics are not very high-end (but should still require a modern computer). It runs off the Source engine which is used to power games such as Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, and Counter Strike Source/Global Offensive. If your computer can run any of those, it should be able to run this game. Read below for multiplayer info. Players have a inventory which can carry a maximum of 20 objects, depending on weight and the complexity of the items themselves.

The Multiplayer

Multiplayer in Morado has a few game modes, such as the typical Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch, and other modes such as CTF and Elimination. It uses a Class-Based system, where players create a class and get various weapons based on the class they have made. Players can play online over Steam, or locally over a LAN. It is also possible to play the Single Player Campaign over Multiplayer, or play missions specifically designed for Multiplayer. The competitive Operations mode in Redacted OPS and Redacted OPS II makes a showing here, allowing players to alternate between defending and destroying objectives or capturing locations.

Extra modes include Search and Destroy, Package Retreval, Infected, Co-Op Survival, Nightmare, Scramble, and more special event modes such as Shotguns Only or Melee Only.