Karou is a playable character in Broken in the Balance and also in the upcoming Arena Fighters as a free playable character. He was first announced back in November 2014 for Arena Fighters, and in Broken in the Balance he made his first ever appearance on November 25th, 2013 in the InXcusable Beta patch for BITB

Appearance in BITB

Karou has white hair and wears no shirt, and has a white pair of baggy pants. He wears no shoes or socks, and has a pair of gloves. He has the ability to teleport and attack at a fast pace. He also had the ability to manipulate the air and slam/crush opponents with their own gravity force above them. In Broken in the Balance - Revisited, he was removed and then re-added in BITB Reloaded Beta. When Broken in the Balance + first released in their early versions, Karou was edited heavily to balance him with other characters, and Classic Twrmois made a re-appearance.

In the final version of Broken in the Balance +, Twrmois and Karou was removed, and Lord Twrmois and Lord Karou replaced both of them.

Lord Karou wears a large white garb, and has a blade that is coated and powered by fire. His moveset is different than his original version, and he is able to do parrying. He is considered a powerhouse character because he deals the most average damage per hit and has the highest crit chance (1.35%) out of all characters (Excluding counter hits from other characters.)

Appearance in Arena Fighters

Karou returns to his original BITB looks and moveset, (but Lord Karou is a unlockable variant for him.) he has his white hair again, and the same garb from before. Things that are greatly different is his teleport cannot be spammed and he now has one projectile. His Barbarian variant has the same but he also has large shoulder pads on both shoulders. His first special reveal video (if not uploaded already) is on 5/30 during the showoff of the major improvements on the game in general.

Lord Karou has much more armor and retains his sword from BITB. He can be faced by playing Story Mode on Twrmy Difficulty with one of the following characters

  • Legendary Delta
  • Blood Lix
  • Master Karou
  • Feral Twrmois
  • Jin Mo-Ri
  • Urn
  • Other, unannounced characters.

Karou has 10 Skins and 5 Variants.