The Actual End. This is not a fairy tale.

Impeccable is a RPG based off the short story series off the same name, by Twrmois.


The game takes place about a year before the main events of Impeccable, the story. In this time, the world is ok, the universe is in one piece, and there is nothing that is severely out the ordnary. Eventually through a bit of gameplay (in final versions, not betas) the main events of Impeccable will take place, and you will technically begin around the events of Chapter 1 of the story, except you do not play as Twrmois, or Alpha. You play as the character that you made in the Character Creation menu with his or her name. The character class that you decide here can effect the ending that you receive, and the overall difficulty of the game. It also can change what quests are entitled to you, and what items you can buy from the shop.


It is a single player RPG where you click on what to do. Such as talking to people, or attacking enemies. Attacking is done automatically to the selected target. Players can play on Windows, and Mobile devices. If you accomplish certain tasks ingame, it gives you bonus content in Arena Fighters. The player can level up and increase their overall stats, fight bosses, and much, much more.

More info as the game develops.