"The "easy hard"......the "hard easy"......"

-Twrmois' description of the difficulty setting in Arena Fighters.

Guardian Difficulty is yet another hidden challenge difficulty setting in AF that cannot be properly identified as a hard difficulty, or easy. Here is how it works.


First off, you need Version (0.97) which releases around (Unconfirmed month, perhaps maybe not until the final product releases? Most likely when the Online Multiplayer gets added.) in order to find and unlock this difficulty.

Requirements: The player(s) needs to win 20 Ranked Matches or find it's Unlock Key in Nearly Perfect.

After unlocking the difficulty, you will be able to choose it. If you reinstall the game via Steam somewhere else on a different computer, then retreive your save file, you need to play at least one online match to refresh its database (explained below)


This difficulty setting actually is based off of the current Leaderboards in the game, and the skills of the recently played players. If you are playing late night and only pro players are active, the difficulty will treat you like as if you are one of those pro players and play as difficult as possible to match a pro player's skill. If bad players have been recently playing, then the AI on this difficulty will play like a bad player. In a nutshell, it treats players how others treat it, which can be completely unfair to some players.